23 Sep 2011

Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 6

Print Shop GS + ImageWriter II

I spent the 3rd weekend in September out in Lombard, Illinois, at the 6th annual Vintage Computer Festival Midwest. Highlights included a great collection of Bulgarian off-brand Apple ][ clones:

Bulgarian Apple II clone

Kids were entranced by a collection of machines based on the 6502 chip:

6502 exhibit

A rare Canon object.station running its native NeXTStep 3.3 OS:

Canon object.station 41 boots NeXTStep 3.3

Rarest of all was a functioning Apple 1:

Apple I detail

The show was probably one of the only places you could see an Apple 1, ][ and /// all sitting on the same table working at the same time. Or at least, the Apple /// was working for a little while:

Apple ///

Then this happened:

Apple /// power supplies are infamous for blowing a capacitor — or three. Luckily Mike Lee, owner of this particular ///, had reading materials all ready to go:

Art of Smoking

Between the Kaypros and the Sun you should be just able to glimpse an Osborne 1:

Kaypro, Kaypro, Kaypro, Osborne

Computer historian David Greelish recorded a podcast together with Bill Degnan, from the Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists:

Retrocomputing Roundtable recording

One of the great things about VCFMW is that it gives you time to sit down with older machines and really try to use them. Even in ways their original owners never did: did anyone who had an Atari 400 ever try to type anything out on this awful chiclet keyboard?:

Word processing on the Atari 400

We also had a whole table dedicated to Rockwell R6500 machines:

Rockwell R6500 / AIM 65

Towards the end of the show we were playing around with Newton emulation on modern Android tablet hardware:

Newton emulated on Android

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