19 Oct 2017

Hong Kong 2017

Victoria Harbour from Tsim Sha Tsui

I had a chance to travel to Hong Kong in October, my first trip there. The occasion was the Fall Symposium on Digital Humanities 2017, held at Hong Kong Baptist University, where me and my partner were speakers.

HKBU DH Symposium Fall 2017

One of the most enjoyable parts of the trip was walking through markets in Mong Kok, north of our hotel in Kowloon.

Mong Kok

There’s a lot to take in, from fruits and vegetables…

Mong Kok market

Mong Kok market

Mong Kok market

Mong Kok market

…to fish…

Mong Kok market

…to meat…

Mong Kok market


Flower Market Road

birds too:

Yuen Po Bird Garden

…even goldfish:


Street food abounds:

Street food in Mong Kok

Starbucks’s seasonal drinks involved liquid-filled boba:

Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls at Starbucks

Back near our hotel, early morning trips to a bakery provided a chance to experience both rare moments of quiet Tsim Sha Tsui streets and local baked goods:

Hoixe Cake Shop ????

Amidst the shops, a cat stood guard:

Cat in Mong Kok

Everyone who visits Hong Kong has to travel to the top of Victoria Peak, of course:

Atop Victoria Peak

Our last meal was at the airport, where we bypassed the congee and went for noodles and dim sum instead:

Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop ??

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