13 Mar 2017

DHNordic17 in Gothenburg

Tim Tangherlini and I are here on the west coast of Sweden to deliver the Keynote Address of the second annual Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries conference. I got in a few days early for jetlag recovery and project meetings, and took a few pictures around town.


Above, the 1930s-era Götaplan square, with the City Theater on the left and the Art Museum to the right. Carl Milles’ statue of Poseidon stands in the center.

City Library

The municipal library, just down the street from Götaplan, has recently been renovated to create this interesting interior space. Below, a statue of Gothenburg-born Swedish author Karin Boye stands outside:

Karin Boye statue outside city library

In a used bookstore nearby, California and Gold-Fever is available for sale:

"California and Gold Fever", 1862

A few interesting buildings near the King’s Park:

Near Kungsparken

Near Kungsparken

Finally, the former home of the Swedish East India Company is just to the left of the German Church along one of the city’s canals:

German Church & City Museum

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